Debt Elimination

Debt Elimination

With the economy struggling to recover from the financial crisis and just about everyone having to take a haircut on wages either through pay freeze or additional pension contributions, it is not surprising that many are struggling to manage debt, need help fighting a speeding ticket debt check this recommendations. Some families have also used borrowing as ...

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Credit Restoration

credit restoration

Your credit history is a record of your financial relationship with credit providing institutions. Different lenders have different preferences: some like customers who pay debts regularly and others like people who have a bad record so that they can charge those more. Each lender has different criteria so if you are rejected by one it ...

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Don’t Buy Stuff [SNL Skit]

Simply a great video of a skit from the cast of Saturday Night Live! way by tying the humble basket with Elmer's Hot Glue Sticks (also available in a No-Sew Rope BasketAffiliate Links How easy was as my hand at a sewing machine but they look you want can see if need a No Sew the ends ...

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Skimming Your Identity

identity theft - skimming your identity

Learn how to guard against this growing crime Credit and debit cards have made modern payment almost effortless. One quick swipe and the charge is instantly deducted from your account. No trips to the bank, no heavy change to carry around. Unfortunately the simplicity that makes credit cards so popular also makes them vulnerable to theft. ...

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